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The commercial edition of the headset costs and includes a longer warranty, a leather face cushion for quick wipe downs, and an optional short cable for use with backpack PCs. This PC VR headset has a x per eye resolution making it a 4K headset at x combined with dual 2. Naturally, I have a lot of VR headsets. Just looking around my desk, nearby shelves, floor, and immediate surrounding area I count ten different VR HMDs across half as many platforms.

And as someone that wears glasses all-day every day usually, comfort is a massively important feature.

Pico G2 4K VR standalone headset

I need to spend more time with it still to be sure, but the Reverb might beat them all. Other than the soft material on the very front and its two inside-out tracking cameras to distinguish the two devices, they look remarkably similar. In terms of features, the Reverb consumer edition comes standard with included headphones but you can remove them if you want as well as an onboard microphone, comfortable head straps, and a very soft face cushion that can be removed and washed.

The secret to its comfort seems to come from the light weight just barely over a pound without the cable and the tremendous visual clarity. Its design and fit feel like a combination of the best design elements of the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, and Google Daydream into a single device.

Plus, hitting that 4K total pixel count across both eyes is fantastic and really helps improve the smoothness of every application and game I tried.

One of the demos had me walking around the floor of what looked like a shipping warehouse doing safety inspections. I could read labels on canisters, the words on my clipboard, and more due to the high-resolution panels. The entire presentation that HP gave me was remarkably bold in tone as they highlighted how it weighed much less than the Vive Pro and features a higher resolution display all at a much lower cost.

I can say with confidence the HP Reverb is an overall better experience and as far as I can tell will be the best Windows VR device on the market when it launches. I wish I had gotten more time with it, but after the inspection app and a couple other brief enterprise-focused demos I hopped into The Lab to stand on the edge of a mountain and look out at the photo-realistic landscape.

VR tourism, Google Earth VR, and anything that involves recreations of realistic environments such as real estate is going to benefit greatly from the Reverb. After that I jumped into Beat Saber for something my eyes were very familiar with as a point of comparison. The sharpness and clarity was immediately noticeable, as well as the lightness of the headset itself. The only real caveat here is that I noticed a tiny bit of outer edge distortion in the lenses, but HP assured me that would be resolved in actual for-sale units.

They seemed optimistic when we spoke with them last at CES in January. Google and LG have a panel in development as well that would blow this headset out of the water. We liked it at the time, but the binocular-style FOV, cheap build, and Robocop design.

Most major titles now have Windows VR support officially. During the company's annual "next acer" conference, Acer announced a new Microsoft-based headset with 2K per….

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Known Issues: - Display "Cannot track your position" when switching scenes from 6Dof to 3Dof tracking. Features: - FloorLevel is compatible with no height detection and added User height detection and tracking.

CES 2019: Hands-On With Pico’s G2 4K Enterprise Standalone VR Headset

Solved Issues: - Optimized sphere overlay performance. Known Issues: - Bug: when using Underlay, fade-in behave incorrectly when application initiate. You may install and use any number of copies of the SDK on your devices to design, develop and test your programs. Each copy must be complete, including all copyright and trademark notices. You must require end users to agree to terms of use that protect the SDK as much as these License terms. You may use the SDK solely for the purpose of creating "Authorized Applications" which for the purpose of this license are applications, such as client-based applications, in object code form that are designed to run on Pico hardware devices.

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pico g2 4k buy

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HP Reverb Is An Impressively Comfortable 4K VR Headset For $599

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Is this the best all-in-one VR headset for business applications? We assess the Pico G2 4K in 5 areas: image quality, ease of use, content, operating system and battery, weight, price. To be able to give an opinion on the image quality of the Pico G2 4K, we compare it to other all-in-one VR headsets 3dof. What immediately stands out is that the Pico G2 4K is the first all-in-one headset in its category with a 4K screen either.

Pico have not compromised on quality in other parts of the screen. For example, the field of view and the refresh rate are the same or better than the other all-in-one VR headsets.

The higher resolution leads to significantly better image quality while the VR continues to run smoothly and the viewing angle remains large. You especially notice the superior image quality when you play high-resolution degree videos. The LCD screen ensures that the colors look good and are comparable with the quality of the Oculus Go. In conclusion, the image quality is clearly a big plus for the Pico G2 4K! When unpacking the Pico G2 4K you immediately notice that you can get started right away without having to create an account an account is needed if you want to download or purchase applications from the Pico Store.

No need to create an account is especially useful with large numbers of VR headsets, because creating many accounts can be a time-consuming job. In addition, you can choose to use the Pico G2 4K headset without a controller, you then control the headset by looking.

This is great for events. This allows you to prepare Pico G2 4K and let people use it without having to give them instructions. Do you want to calibrate anyway? This is possible trough a button on the side of the headset. A smart invention! That Pico has thought carefully about the ease of use is also reflected in the face mask made of soft plastic pu. This makes the headset comfortable and easy to clean. A wipe with a cleaning cloth and the VR headset is clean again!

A big plus if several people put on the headset consecutively. Available content seems to be the least strong point of the Pico G2 4K. The Pico Store is located on the headset itself.Historically Pico has always been one of those companies that is able to craft some surprisingly impressive hardware especially in China but it never quite seemed to find its footing in the software department for consumers with admittedly mixed overall results — even as a Vive Wave supported device.

As a result, Pico recently made the decision to shift to a primarily enterprise-focused strategy, especially with the Pico G2 4K headset. The original Pico Goblin got a mostly positive review from us and the base G2 was originally unveiled back in August. Now, the G2 4K ups the resolution for an all-around crisper experience. At their booth at CES I tried out two experiences: an immersive video featuring extremely high-detail insects with very close-up angles and a simple horror game that had me walking around a haunted house.

The first one was a great demonstration of how sharp the visuals are, something that a lot of enterprise customers hold in high regard. The G2 4K fills a very specific niche in the market.

pico g2 4k buy

The only real major issue I had with the G2 4K is the head strap. At the back of the strap is where the battery is located and the T-strap that goes across the top of your head to connect the headset to the battery is extremely short.

During my demo I had to physically hold the headset in place with my free hand which was awkward and uncomfortable.

When I pointed this out the PR representative chuckled and said they have to do the same thing. If you have no need for consumer-facing application or 6DOF tracking it seems like a good starting point for business applications. The Pico G2 4K releases in North America in the first half of — the price is still undetermined.

Check out the website for more details. Google might be launching a line of major standalone virtual reality headsets later this year…. He established the site's game review criteria and helped spearhead its evolution into the leading source of VR news.

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Pico G2 4K - Built with the enterprise in mind.

All return shipments claims or cancellations within the EU, exluding Malta, Switzerland, Cyprus and other islands are shipped free of charge.

Our Bring-In Service is available for the countries listed above. Further information can be found in our warranty terms. Bound debit interest rate of 0. Thereafter and for all further dispositions, the variable debit interest rate annually is 9. Payments shall only be credited against interest-bearing dispositions, in the event of different interest rates, first against the higher interest rate; a repayment of debit interest free turnover shall take place if there are no more interest-bearing dispositions.

The monthly rate may change if further dispositions are made over the credit line; it amounts to at least 2. Germany Branch, Schwanthalerstr.Like its predecessors, the G2 4K is an all-in-one headset.

This is described by the company as making the Pico headset more suitable for applications that showcase immersive rather than fully interactive content.

The thinking is that the capabilities of a headset desired for showcase applications a particular market target of the G2 4K needs to have high resolution and a convenient form factor - as does the G2 4K. The G2 4K headset comes with a 3DoF controller that includes buttons and a touch pad. Additional features and specifications of the G2 4K include the following. A video containing this interview can be found at the end of this article.

The G2 4K headset is also illustrated in the figure below. In fact, Pico already has confirmed use cases from businesses applications that deal with the visually impaired, plane passengers, managing the anxiety of dental patients and in-transit entertainment on public transportation.

In addition, the headset includes several features that are specific to business applications. Another feature supports enterprise use in which there are multiple users. The headset accommodates replaceable face pad inserts that are easy to clean and hygienic. A company representative commented that the headset will be marketed to consumers when content becomes available.

View larger image. Hot sale in. View Details.

2019 New Arrival Pico G2 All in One 4K VR AR Headset

Order : Buy Samples. Start Order Contact Supplier. Product Details. Company Profile.

pico g2 4k buy

Quick Details. Place of Origin: Guangdong, China. Time days 5 7 To be negotiated. Online Customization. Video Description. Product Description. You May Like. Not exactly what you want?

Related Searches : headset hs headset aviation headset. China : China oem headset China gaming headset China headset receiver. China wifi headset China branded headset China operator headset.If you have high-quality content, the Pico is the all-in-one VR headset that will give your target group the best experience. In the all-in-one VR headsets category, Pico G2 4K has the highest resolution, leading to a superior viewing experience. Another big advantage is that the Pico G2 4K runs on an open Android system.

This makes it easier to make changes for business use. Examples of this are deactivating buttons, limiting user rights kiosk modeand mobile device management. You also do not necessarily have to use the Pico controller.

This makes it a handy VR headset for retail setups, events and trade shows. A disadvantage of the Pico G2 4K is that there is still little entertainment content in the Pico Store. For questions and problems, you can always get in touch with our support desk, so we can get you back, up and running.

Because the Pico 4K is a standalone VR headset, it can be used on location. It is not necessary to pair this unit with a PC or laptop. In addition, the Android operating system lends itself well to additional software applications.

This makes it possible to enable custom functions such as external control, kiosk mode or simultaneous viewing. The Pico 4K is therefore a flexible standalone VR headset. The Pico G2 4K has a high resolution screen with which the image quality is higher than with comparable models. In addition, it is possible to replace the face cushion, so you do not have to buy a new Pico G2 when the cushion is worn or dirty.

Another advantage is the quick installation method. It is not mandatory to create a new account per device or register what makes this product particularly interesting for a virtual cinema where multiple devices are used. Their first product under the name Neo was groundbreaking, and would be one of the first VR glasses that did not require a PC and still offered complete freedom of movement.

This pioneering work meant that the 6DoF system fell short in practice, so the current product line is equipped with 3DoF technology. What makes the Pico G2 4K special? That not only makes it a user-friendly device, it also saves a lot of money. No external cables are required, although a controller is included, the system also works with physical exercise as standard.

Little space required: The compact all-in-one system makes it easy to keep one or more sets ready. In addition, the user is limited to looking around, physical walking in the virtual environment is not possible. In combination with the 4K screen, this VR headset is ideal for passive experiences such as viewing a video in a rotating chair.

Counterweight: The Pico G2 4K is the only product in the collection that comes standard with a counterweight. Because the battery is located on the back, there is less pressure on the front of the face, which many users find more pleasant.

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