Moorish american tax exempt

Shackled in a Baltimore courtroom and facing a year sentence for murder and arson, Terrence Rollins-Bey stood defiant — talking over the judge and prosecutor in a series of outbursts. Rollins-Bey, 25, was the second murder defendant in a week to openly challenge the authority of Baltimore Circuit Judge Emanuel Brown. Rollins-Bey and Robert G. Moore claimed in separate trials the court lacked standing to hear their cases — a move the judge described as an attempt to frustrate the proceedings.

Such challenges — which can invoke obscure treaties or the Pope's name — are becoming more frequent, prosecutors say. Defendants often argue they have Moroccan roots that render them exempt from American law, or rely on similar ideas. Such claims have proved roundly unsuccessful as legal defenses, but have disrupted countless trials. Rollins-Bey presents unfortunately a rather unusual and growing problem within the courts," Assistant State's Attorney Charles Blomquist said at Rollins-Bey's recent sentencing hearing.

Moorish American National "Sovereign Citizen" Fails Terribly at Best Buy Tax Exempt Attempt?

Mainstream followers of the Moorish American Science Temple, founded in the early 20th century as a religious and civil rights organization, say such defendants are distorting the faith to serve their own ends.

The group's doctrines require adherents to follow all laws. Yus Asaf-El, who runs a small temple in Montgomery Village, worries that Moorish-American Science, which already has a fractious history, is becoming known only for inmates who claim to be followers and act up in court. They often append El or Bey to their last names. Some followers also claim to have roots in America that predate the United States, and argue that a treaty with Morocco exempts them from American laws.

moorish american tax exempt

At his sentencing, Rollins-Bey drew on language often associated with so-called "sovereign citizens," who rely on arcane readings of the law to claim courts are powerless over them.

He repeatedly objected to the legal proceedings and rolled out a blend of religious and quasi-legal phrases. Later, he asked, "Is there a claim against me? Despite the growing popularity of the strategy, proceedings have continued over the objections of defendants such as Rollins-Bey — even if it means ejecting them from the room.

The case against Moore, 45, is proceeding in his absence because he refuses to cooperate with security officers una pagina di benedetto croce in fotogallery le analogie con le be brought to court from a jail cell.

Brown and the lawyers in the case visited Moore in the lock-up, and the judge said in court the defendant was "very polite" but declined to talk to them beyond repeating: "I object to any silent contracts. Jean Williams, Moore's mother, said he has been seeking legal advice from other inmates, but the main reason for his strategy is a belief that he will not get a fair trial.

Moore is accused of leading a drug-dealing group that waged a campaign of vengeance over the death of one of his relatives. Prosecutors have said they held back some information from the defense team in order to protect their witnesses.

Rollins-Bey, who represented himself, was held in contempt for his outbursts and removed from the courtroom for portions of his trial. He and co-defendant Don Pulley were convicted of killing a man in an execution-style shooting, then torching his car.

His disruptive behavior also got him a stiffer sentence than Pulley, who was convicted on the same charges. Rod J. Rosenstein, the U. Some claim to be representatives of the Pope. Others quibble with their names being spelled in capital letters in court records. The arguments can be frustrating to prosecutors, Rosenstein said, but rarely do more than slow proceedings down. The notion that claims of Moorish-American heritage can help defendants evade prosecution circulates in the Baltimore City Detention Center, according to Romeo Joyner-El, who worked for the corrections department from until People are drawn to the temple because it offers a support network, he said, but some go astray.

Joyner-El, himself a founder of a Moorish-American temple in Rosedale, said inmates would sometimes ask him about the organization's doctrines as their trials approached. He said he tried to steer them away from arguing against the legitimacy of the courts. In the late s, Clinton Frazier-El tried to fire a federal defender who declined to file motions arguing that Frazier-El was an officer of a temple and could not be prosecuted.

Frazier-El was sent for a psychological evaluation and eventually found competent to stand trial.She operates a branch of the temple in her Spring Hill home. She arrived from Columbia, S. Instead, they are Moorish, with ancestral roots in Morocco. Her argument has a familiar ring to experts who track the "sovereign citizen" movement, in which adherents argue the government has no authority over them. They often refuse to pay taxes and say they don't need to obtain driver's licenses — or, like Bey, they have such documents issued by their own order.

Many such sovereign citizen-type groups are associated with white supremacist ideology, according to the Anti-Defamation League, which tracks extremist groups. Unless you're sitting in the Land O'Lakes jail, booked under a name you've renounced, on charges of driving with a counterfeit car tag, driving without a Florida license and giving a false name to police.

If anyone misunderstands, authorities say, it's Shanita Marie Burden. That's the name on the jailed woman's South Carolina driver's license, which was suspended four times when she failed to pay traffic tickets. That's also the name that her silver Dodge minivan was registered in when it was bought from a Brooksville dealer. Deputies found the paperwork Sept. That was her name, she said. The woman, who according to the sheriff's report spoke "perfect English," said she was not a U.

She refused to identify herself. A search of the van turned up documents bearing the name Shanita Marie Burden. That's the name entered in the computer when she was booked in the county jail. That's the name on a mugshot of a year-old woman who deputies said was a dead ringer for Bey. Bey told the Tampa Bay Times she was born of a religious conversion last year.

She didn't just change her name.

Jailed woman rejects U.S. authority, cites Moorish Science Temple

She declared Burden — her former self — is dead. Then she made herself the personal representative for Burden's estate, and filed court papers declaring that fact. During a Nov. Gardner asked her to show proof she was an attorney. When she couldn't, the judge told her to leave. Eight days later, the woman came to the clerk's office to file papers. The document, signed with the name of Bey, bore a Moorish logo.

It ordered Gardner not to issue any more "unlawful warrants" against Burden, who had been declared dead. It said Bey represented her estate. Deputies who recognized the woman when she walked into the courthouse and arrested her. And Gardner issued an order striking the notice she filed. The sovereign citizen movement eschewing government authority began in the s, but has experienced a resurgence since Followers refuse to pay taxes or obtain government-issued licenses.She walked through the front door of the home and closed the doors.

Mecklenburg County property records prove otherwise -- that the home is in foreclosure and is owned by a bank. With the economy faltering, people were adopting the idea of sovereign citizenship. It includes the belief they are exempt from government, law and taxes. Sovereign citizens would often file bogus liens and lawsuits against officers, prosecutors and judges who encountered them. Flowers described it as "paper terrorism.

Flowers and his partner began training themselves and studying the variety of methods used by sovereign citizens. Flowers said a large number of the cases involving sovereign citizens are tied to the Moorish Science Temple of America. The religion, founded in by a Durham native, has roots in Islam. It has strong populations in North Carolina and New Jersey. In court records obtained by Channel 9, El-Bey uses various Moorish references.

One document is signed, "A widow, of a Moorish Empire. Her name itself, El-Bey, is one commonly adopted by followers of the church. Experts say the individuals involved in these schemes have twisted the religion's teachings. It's not the original understanding of that ideology. Officials with the Moorish Science Temple of America distanced themselves from those who believe in sovereign citizenship. Brother D. He said many who claim to be Moorish "have never seen the inside of one of our temples.

He went further to say it's in direct violation of the Moorish teachings. Siggers-Bey said they specifically teach to follow government law. In some of the most high profile cases involving church followers, people are squatting in lavish homes. Jerry Miller, an attorney representing the homeowners association, told Eyewitness News El-Bey likely broke in, but getting her out wasn't easy. Police were frequently at the home dealing with her, according to neighbors.

Flowers said it's not always as simple as going in and removing someone from a residence. If that person claims to have documentation proving they live there, it's not officers' jobs to determine the authenticity. On Nov. Eyewitness News went by the home three times the week of Nov. Reporter Blake Hanson also called her and left a voicemail on Nov. Later that day a cease and desist letter was faxed to Channel 9. The fax also contained an affidavit in support of a civil suit outlining why she believed various officers and judges violated her rights.

At one point she writes, " El-Bey was arrested again on Nov. Prosecutors charged her with trespassing and breaking and entering for a second time.

At a court hearing the following day, the judge set as a condition of her bond that she not return to the home. Flowers said sovereign citizens often believe in a theory called "redemption. The theory goes on to claim the government created a fictitious person called a "straw man" that corresponds with each citizen.

Under the theory, anytime the government writes a citizen's name in capital letters it is referring to the straw man like on a Social Security card. Believers say that upon birth, each person's straw man account holds hundreds of thousands of dollars and accrues interest over time.Nearly a third of the 99 city employees indicted this week on tax evasion charges are members of the Moorish Nation, a black separatist movement whose members say they are exempt from paying taxes, investigators said yesterday.

Members of the movement claim the exemption because they say they are descendants of the Lost City of Atlantis and true heirs to the North American continent, the investigators said. The movement has gained popularity in urban areas in recent years by selling kits by mail that describe how to avoid paying taxes, officials said.

The group also sells lectures on topics as diverse as the corrosive effects of the media, the healing power of pyramids and Egyptology. Nearly two years ago, when investigators began to look at city employees who had claimed an excessive number of tax withholdings, they discovered that the Moorish Nation had made inroads into the corrections and sanitation departments and the Police Department's housing bureau.

At least 30 of the 74 corrections officers arrested this week said they had undergone the initiation rites of the Moorish Nation, said the city's Investigations Commissioner, Edward J.

When they were arrested, some of the officers also cited the teachings of Hakim H. Bey, an underground philosopher who preaches black separatism. In some cases, the city employees changed their names to ''Bey'' or ''El.

Kuriansky said. The highest-ranking city employee among those charged in the investigation was Joseph A. Messina, executive director of the city's Financial Information Services Agency. He was charged with evading taxes, but officials said he was not connected to the Moorish Nation or to any of the other city employees charged in the case. As the cases began to wind their way into the legal system yesterday, many offered a glimpse of a paradoxical phenomenon: separatists who work for the city government.

One suspect still at large, a former public school teacher, is said to be a member of the Black Israelites, a separatist group whose members often use incendiary language to address passers-by in Times Square. The suspect, Anthony Davis, often held meetings urging friends and relatives to withhold money from the I. He said he has proved that you don't have to pay taxes. Some investigators were skeptical of the sincerity of the suspects' ideological claims, saying they were motivated by greed rather than philosophy.

Kuriansky said 44 of the corrections officers apparently had no interest in the group other than the ideas contained in its tax kit. The Manhattan District Attorney, Robert Morgenthau, said many of the suspects were apparently drawn to the scheme after watching their co-workers defraud the government. In addition to the scheme involving corrections officers, investigators discovered two other tax evasion movements that appeared to have taken place separately.

The first started in when a sanitation police officer was initially discovered to be recruiting other sanitation employees, selling them tax kits, and overstating his own withholdings. In July17 police officers from the housing bureau were arrested for refusing to pay taxes contending they weren't United States citizens, but members of the Republic of New York.

During a hearing in Federal Court, one of the accused officers refused to answer questions on the grounds that he did not recognize the legitimacy of the government.In order for an organization to qualify for tax exempt status in Illinois, the organization must hold a valid e-number from the Illinois Department of Revenue or present a valid tax exempt card issued by the U.

Department of State and identified in 86 Ill. Code Illustration A. See 86 Ill. This is a GIL. July 29, Dear Xxxx: This letter is in response to your letter dated June 19,in which you request information. The Department issues two types of letter rulings. Private Letter Rulings PLRs are issued by the Department in response to specific taxpayer inquiries concerning the application of a tax statute or rule to a particular fact situation.

A PLR is binding on the Department, but only as to the taxpayer who is the subject of the request for ruling and only to the extent the facts recited in the PLR are correct and complete.

The purpose of a General Information Letter GIL is to direct taxpayers to Department regulations or other sources of information regarding the topic about which they have inquired. See 2 Ill.

moorish american tax exempt

You may access our website at www. The nature of your inquiry and the information you have provided require that we respond with a GIL. In your letter you have stated and made inquiry as follows: May we request for a Private Letter Ruling on the sales tax exemption documentations required from the following organizations who are customers of our Restaurants requesting exemption from sales tax: 1.

Please give us guidance or ruling regarding this card when used as a sales tax exemption card. We need a Private Letter Ruling in the Illinois Department of Revenue letterhead to show the customers who do not have the required sales tax exemption documentation.

See also 86 Ill. Persons or businesses selling tangible personal property to these organizations or governmental entities must be provided with an "E" number for the sales to be tax exempt. It is important to note that only sales of tangible personal property invoiced to the organization or governmental entity itself are exempt. Sales made to an individual member or client of an exempt organization or entity are generally subject to tax.

Some foreign diplomats are exempt from paying taxes because of the Foreign Missions Act. This area of law is largely administered by the U. State Department. The Moorish National identification and tax exempt card that you have attached to the letter is invalid for purposes of sales tax. Such cards are issued to certain foreign government personnel, embassies, and international organizations.

These cards have very distinct and recognizable features in order to verify their validity. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with 86 Ill. Illustration A so that you can easily identify valid tax exemption cards. I hope this information is helpful.Peace and love, brothers and sisters! I am also the authorized in care of representative of Moorish Nationality Card Services. What pumps in your veins already bestows nationality within you and upon you.

Nationality is FREE, as you were born with it. The beautiful thing about having the Israelite Moor, Moorish American, and Kemetic Moor Aboriginal Indigenous American National Identification Cardis that it brings unity among all the factions and different schools of thought. It does not matter what you claim you are. We at Moorish Nationality Card Services are not biased towards our fellow Moors and their organizations. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Peace and Islam Moor. I honor you for being straight up and legit about our birth rights,etc. Like Like. Peace and Blessing!

On the tax exempt status for Moors

Honored with this information! I would like an Israelite Moor national identification card. Please email me with required information. Whats up El? My is Dawveed El Seth. First of all I want to thank you brotha for helping our people and for not trying to take advantage of them. I would like to proclaim my nationality and get a nationality card. Thanks for your time.Lloyd " Our tax system is based upon voluntary assessment and payment, not upon distraint ".

United States " Our tax system is based on individual self-assessment and voluntary compliance". Correcting The Position of. Persons are not the subjects of commerce, and not being imported goods, they do not fall within the meaning founded upon the constitution, of a power given to congress, to regulate commerceand the prohibition of the states f or imposing a duty on imported goods. Ibid; Gibbons v. Ogen 9 Wheat 1; 5 Cond.

Maybe because we have not read or seen any documented proof athough on this page is a wealth of information. Still our conditioning, and lack of study, has it so that we are not aware of how unconstitutional it is for anyone to demand that one MUST participate and make either SSN or IRS deductions. This is in accordance with the American Constitution ofwhich is the law of the Land, for all entities, associations, corporations, etc.

In fact. We trust it is because of lack of knowledge and we trust that what is being shared here, will help you to curb your attitude and enforce the law in simplicity.

SSN Public Notice. IRS Public Notice. Interstate Bond Co. State Reveunue commission of Georgia, 50 Ga.

moorish american tax exempt

Illinois Athletic Club, Ill. United States v. Philadelphia, B. Pay attention to Paragraph 4. Time to put it all in order. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit held that taxpayers cannot be compelled by the IRS to turn over personal and private property to the IRS, absent a federal court order. Quoting from the decision Schulz v. IRS, Case No. Without declaring those provisions of the Code unconstitutional on their face, the court, in effect, nullified key enforcement provisions of the Internal Revenue Code striping the IRS of much of its power to compel compliance with its administrative demands for personal and private property.

IRS - 5 pgs. This one is from Cynthia J. This one is not a great copy. We retyped it for clarity as a PDF. Click here to view or download the original and the re-typed letter. Cities, townships, boroughs, are Municipal Domicles registered under the Union State.

STOP fattening them up, while they rape you of your god-given unalienable rights to breath and to live off of the land, which cannot be bought, sold, nor transferred and certainly NOT by them, as it is not their land, nor is it their Ancestral Estate, no matter what imaginary sub-divisions they apply to it.

moorish american tax exempt

Territorial Jurisdiction Are You Domiciled? You are being taxed via the Social Security Number.

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