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The download link of this app will be redirected to the official App Store site, thus the app is original and has not been modified in any way. Screenshots for iPhone. More Screenshots for iPad. Idle Heroes - Idle Games Description. Form your heroes and battle for victory!!!! When you return to your phone, they will be stronger, gained new abilities, and ready for battle. Evolving Strategy More than Heroes in different factions with specific skills. Forge magical gears, and outfit your warriors for victory!

Tons of Content With battlegrounds galore and dungeons aplenty, heroic quests, mysterious towers, arena, guild, much fun to enjoy! Guild Wars Fight alongside your friends and players everywhere in a war for control of the floating continent.

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Any unused portion of a free trial period,if offered,will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication,where applicable. Idle Heroes - Idle Games 1. New Shadow Assassin: Ithaqua is arriving. Celestial Island Reconstruction. Comeback Radio. Added a new feature - Backup Stone, where you can save converted stones with proper attributes at the backup slots. Other game optimizations and BUG fixed.

New Forest Priest - Elyvia is arriving. Added Avatar Frame Upgrade function.Idle Heroes Events are indeed one of the most important parts of the game, which always gets a lot of attention from all players. If you understand the way Events work inside out, you would get ultra-rare heroes and rewards a lot easier than other players.

Hence, today, I decided to make a small guide to show all of the most notable things you should pay attention to while doing Idle Heroes Events. The Check In menu is located at the top left of your game homescreen. Weekly events are held from Friday to Thursday.

New events are introduced on Friday around 1 A. Due to the number of events that can appear as Weekly Events a full cycle will usually be around 4 weeks. It is impossible to know the exact events or rewards that will be introduced. Luckily DH Games usually release some hints before Friday. However, the first 2 battles in the Crystal Crown League are free every day and the daily quests reward another 2x.

Thus, by having patience you can complete all battles in the Crystal Crown League for free. This will save you around x. Tavern Quest Event. During the Tavern Event you need to complete a certain amount of quests of a specific tier. Luckily, since the event has been changed to be a Monthly Event there is no need to rush it.

Therefore, whenever you find one of these quests you start it, but do not complete it until you have the exact amount to finish the event. You can read more about the Tavern and how to refresh your quests here. Fusion and Awakening Event.


The Fusion Event is no longer the worst event for new players. Changing it from a Weekly Event to a Monthly Event makes it very accessible for both new and veteran players alike.

Thus, you should rely on the monthly Fusion Event to keep Idle Heroes interesting. Fusion and Awakening Infographic. Creation Circle Infographic — Updated December 6th Broken Spaces Event. This is an event which is loved by veteran players who has an established PvE team, but disliked by beginners who have yet to build a team that can fight strong bosses. These Challenge Badges can be used to attack the bosses introduced by Broken Spaces. However, it is not worth aiming for the per-battle rewards as they are of an insignificant amount.

Though, after you have killed off the bosses you will be given great rewards and these can be seen in the image below. One of the most the most beloved events by players who have a high hero bag limit. But a bit more bothersome for players with a small hero bag limit.

These hero es will have a slightly higher chance to be summoned through. The Prophet Summon event is most likely the biggest key to your growth since you can target heroes from a specific faction. This substantially increases your chances of getting a specific hero you are looking for.

The Prophet Summon Event is repeatable, meaning you can fully complete it up to a maximum of 4 times. For x you can swap a hero for another within the same faction. The Wishing Fountain Event can be the most profitable event of all if done properly. The Wishing Fountain Event is repeatable, meaning you can fully complete it up to a maximum of 4 times. Heroic Miracle Event. This is another event that can be relatively rough for beginners to fully complete.Guides and resources. Any post related to other games will be deleted.

Follow the reddiquette and be excellent to each other. Do this online and in life. All lineup, team building help and basic questions about the current event should go into the Weekly Team Building, Lineup, and Event Megathread This includes but it's not limited to "what heroes should I level", "what should I focus on", "what tech should I use", "where should I orb".

Build order of Delacium Army? Team Help Post self. What do you guys think would be the best way to level these heroes is to maximize damage assuming that Ive got all materials needed? Its show that sigmund decreases the damage of the team even with phoenix and the best way to get the most damage are elyvia with her shrink or rogan damage buff or some sort of buff. Or a third Delacium instead of the last possible a suggested. I see what you are trying to do, you sneaky fool!

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Complete all tasks to get the Magician. Including Glorious Relics, hero-selection, artifact-selection gifts. We're doing the feedback survey of weekly events, you can also comment about your thoughts in detail! What's your first impression of Russell? Cupcake time! There's a sound of howling from the forest. Please leave your Platform - Server - ID under this post. Maximum 4 rounds can be completed during the event. Limited amount. The stabber hidden in jungle.

Welcome to our new friend —— A mysterious guy from the forest. Good luck to you in the coming July! From Idle Heroes with love.

elyvia idle heroes

All Idlers. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. See more of Idle Heroes on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Hana Tran. Event updates - July Event time is subject to the actual updating time. See more. Congratz to these lucky winners! Reach the designated number of growth points to earn corresponding rewards.

Event Updates - July 3. Idle Heroes added an event. Idle Heroes Art Exhibition. All Idlers idleheroes idlecommunity idle4ever.Kristian has always played games and insists that he will never grow out of it! His dream is to play with a pro gamer one day.

This Idle Heroes guide explains all the ways that you can ensure that you are playing and progressing quickly and efficiently. It covers how to get stronger idle heroes quickly, how to get rare gear, and how to power up your heroes without spending a penny!

This article explores how often you should be farming the campaign and fighting in the arena. This article also covers the best strategies for progressing faster in Idle Heroes. Idle Heroes is a mobile game by Idle Games. It is a RPG, fantasy, mobile game with turn-based combat. It is currently available for both Android and iOS. It currently has over 5 million downloads and it has a fairly strong 4. Fundamentally, there are many heroes that you can use to form a team.

You must try to play your team against other teams in a turn-based combat system that is either AI or PvP. The game features different ways to increase your heroes' powers and enable them to progress through the game faster. As suggested in the name, the game has an idle theme to it, whereby each player will accumulate resources to improve their heroes over time without any input from the player. If you are a new player, the best beginning strategy would entail trying to acquire the most powerful heroes before focusing on anything else.

The gear and guild tech in this game are important, but having a good team of heroes provides a strong foundation that you can build upon. If you have a particular composition of heroes, then you can access some really good bonuses. In my experience, I always favour selecting better heroes over keeping a composition together.

With that said, it is always good to aim to establish a balanced composition that utilizes potential bonuses. There are a few different types of resources available in this game and each resource serves a different purpose. It is important to understand what the resources are and how to get them in order to be more efficient and level faster in Idle Heroes. There is a quick summary of where each resource comes from and what they can be used for below. Gems are part of the pay-to-play aspect of the game.

However, they are not necessary or required in order to level faster and become stronger. For more information about Monsters, which to pick and how to level them see the below dedicated guide:. A player's level is important for many reasons. As you level up, you will unlock access to different areas and parts of the game, and doing so will accelerate your growth.

It is important that you gain access to various areas including Brave Trial, Tower of Oblivion, etc. As a rule of thumb, in most cases you will want to auto-battle against the most advanced level in the campaign.

elyvia idle heroes

While auto-battling you will gain experience points, spirit, and coins that you can collect when you log back in. Note that eight hours worth of resources is the maximum amount you can possess at a time. Therefore, if you want to be efficient, you should log in every eight hours to collect.You should, however, also keep other factors in mind when creating your team than just the individual potential of a hero.

These are not the only great heroes in Idle Heroes — find more information on these and many other heroes in the full tier list below. In the following tier lists, the best heroes are ranked in tiers from S-D, representing their individual potential, which is based on factors including the value they bring to a team, current meta, power, and utility.

elyvia idle heroes

Not all heroes from the game are listed in this tier list. Because of this, the tier assigned to a hero should be interpreted relative to the other heroes in the tier list, not all heroes in the game. Even though a tier list is an excellent guide for choosing which heroes to upgrade, you should consider other factors other than just individual potential when creating your late-game team.

Learn more about how to build your team in our Idle Heroes team building guide. Here is a quick rundown of what each tier represents. These heroes perform exceptionally well and should be used if you pull any. These heroes are very strong and will help you significantly throughout your journey. B tier heroes can be a great addition to your team if you need a specific set of abilities, etc. Compared to other similar RPG mobile games, most top players use more attacker heroes and fewer tank heroes in Idle Heroes.

Even though attackers often have low defensive stats, we still recommend bringing a handful of attacker heroes. This skill deals extra damage per different debuff the target carries. His energy skill, Ray of Delacium, is also an AoE attack, damaging four random enemies at once with immense power. Like Durative Weakness, this skill also deals extra damage per different debuff the target carries. This skill further increases the damage dealt by his remaining skills.

Like Skerei, some players have found Delacium to be even more powerful if you bring multiple copies of the hero at ones.

Idle Heroes NEWS - ELYVIA - FUTURE OF IDLE HEROES \u0026 Channel's Direction!

Up to three Delaciums have been confirmed to be very powerful. You can, however, still just use a single Delacium on your team as usual, in which case he is still one of the very best attacker heroes in the game. Carrie is a ranger of the dark faction who relies on the power of her powerful magical beast and the energy of enemies. Her attacks revolve around raising the energy of enemies and the inflicting Devouring Mark or Outburst of Magic, which deals damage based on the amount of energy an enemy possesses.

When Carrie is taken out, she will stick around for four more turns as a shadowy spirit. The primary objective for tank heroes is to absorb damage from teammates. Preferably, the tank can also boost the defense of its allies. However, we have seen some great teams with one or two tanks. Sigmund is a powerful warrior of the fortress faction with great defensive stats who is not only tanky but also deals a significant amount of damage.

His passive skill, Burning Counterattack, makes Sigmund counterattack any enemy that has less armor than him who attacks him. As Sigmund has quite a bit of armor, he will counterattack most enemies.

The more Sigmund tanks, the more damage he deals because of his counterattack. Therefore, you should bring healing or other supporting abilities to keep Sigmund alive for longer. Furthermore, this skill burns the target for four rounds. If the target reaches three layers of burn before they run out, the target will take extra one-time damage.

Unimax is one of the very best tanks for PvP in Idle Heroes. He is a warrior of the Fortress faction with high defensive stats and skills to match. Contrary to Sigmund, Unimax focuses more on tanking damage and healing rather than slinging out tons of damage. To keep Unimax alive for longer, which is especially needed because of his taunt, he can heal himself through his passive skill, Frenzied Taunt, which restores his own health when he uses basic attacks. Idle Heroes have some very strong support heroes, which is why most players choose to bring several on their team.

There are different types of supports, some who focus on healing, some who focus on buffing, and some who focus on applying crowd control.Please note that we do post contents regarding Idle Heroes events in this page.

For game updates, sneak peeks and new features, please check out the page Idle Heroes Updates! Imp's Adventure. Palace of Eternity. Prophet Orb. Heroic Miracle.

Ormus's Workshop. Campaign Drop. Wishing Fountain Casino. Gem Box. I n Idle Heroes, Events play one of the most important parts in the gameplay. Events are the main source for players to get valuable items as well as the top-tier Heroes in the game. If you understand how to play out these Event, you can easily earn a lot of rewards and upgrade your team a lot stronger than the others. We are going to give you the best tips and tricks for making the most of these events in this article!

Elyvia Builds

The Events menu in Idle Heroes is locacated at the top left on the screen, as shown in the screenshot! These are the events that last for 30 days and only get reset once per month. Players typically have a lot of times to finish these events so no need to rush at all! During the event, complete specified quests to obtain abundant rewards. Activate the Monthly Privilege to get bonus rewards.

Once players have gotten a certain amount of points, rewards will be transferred to Inbox immediately. If you win all of the battles, you only need Arena Tickets to fully complete the event. However, remember that you have 2 free tickets every day due to the Daily Quests so just do not rush and you will be able to save a lot of tickets by the end of the month. Following the tips above definitely helps you maintain the rank in the Arena, earning consistent rewards every day. Remember to finish all of your left attacks in the Crystal Crown League in the last week.

This is by far one of the most beloved events in Idle Heroes. This event allows you to spend all of the Heroes in your inventory, making your team much stronger. Since you have only one week to complete these events, you need to be well prepared to complete them all in time. One of the biggest weekly events in Idle Heroes. This is a great opportunity for all players to spend the hard-earned Heroic Summon Scrolls during the event. That's why you should never open the scrolls outside of this event.

New Heroes always have better drop-rates during the events.

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