Doom weapon sprites

Become a member today and start sharing your creations! Sign up Receive these membership benefits:. Limit to:. Supported Games. Expanded Collapsed Hidden. Left Right. Small Regular. Click Hover. Left Center Right. Fixed Floating. If you clicked on this, then you eagerly want to learn how to create your own weapon sprites in Doom. Without further ado, let's begin! Creating the sprite. Look for all the sprites of a specific weapon. You're done with this part. Next, open up GIMP. Open a sprite with it and add a layer with a transparent background.

After that, you switch to the new layer and start tracing if you're a beginner. I'm also a beginner. To make it more original, add your own elements to the sprite. Like, a new shape for the weapon, weapon accesories, new paintjob, new gloves, new skin color, and much more. After you're done making your sprite, shade it. Think where the light source will come from, then imagine the sprite from that perspective. Do this with the rest of the sprites and BOOM! You did it!

You made a custom weapon sheet! Putting the sprites in Doom.

Creating new weapons

This is a really simple part. Then, drag all your custom sprites there.This article is about the video game series, and covers weapons appearing in the released titles DoomDoom 2The Ultimate DoomFinal Doom and Doom For the live-action adaptation, see Doom. Doom is a videogame released for the PC and later for a variety of other systems by id Software.

A spiritual successor to the earlier Wolfenstein 3Dit represented a radical leap forward in technology, with an advanced engine which could handle non-orthagonal walls and pseudo-3D effects such as stairs and elevators.

In Doom 64 was released as the last entry in the original franchise as an exclusive title for the Nintendo 64 Although it would later receive an official port in for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PCfeaturing an entirely new campaign, overhauled graphics and art assets, and both new and modified weapons and enemies.

Finally, in that same year, Hacx was released as an officially licensed and commercially marketed addon that served as a total conversion for Doom II as opposed to it being a stand-alone game. Given that the majority of these titles feature the same graphics, and that the latter two feature little in the way of firearms in general this article will all such be all of the games that can be considered to be a part of the classic Doom library. As a note, Doom used a process of photographic digitization to create the sprites used in the game itself; monsters were created from latex, while the weapons were toy guns and cap-firing replicas bought from the local Toys "R" Us.

In many ways this is would be similar to later games using photographs of either real or replica firearms to texture 3D modeled weapons. If the toy or replica is known, then that will likely be referenced. However, given the number of weapons in the Doom games that aren't even meant to be firearms, this page will for the most part layout only the weapons tha are actually firearms in-universe.

The "Pistol" in the first three Doom titles is a Beretta 92FSas evident from the general shape of the top of the gun. According to game designer John Romero, the pistol was created from photographs of a bright orange water pistol that was modeled after a Beretta and that was then painted black before it was photographed. The pistol is one of the weakest of the game's weapons, and isn't very useful after obtaining virtually any other weapon.

Doom 64 swapped out the Beretta styled pistol for a Desert Eagle of some kind, likely a Mark I modeland is mostly identifiable from the shape of the back of the slide and the hammer, the shape of the rear sight, and the contours of the barrel.

Although the digital pixelation makes it hard to pick out details for a specific make, most notably the safety, while visible, is not altogether identifiable, making an accurate classification difficult. One of the earliest available weapons in any Doom title is its famous pump-action shotgun. However, rather than being based on a real firearm design, the gun is made up of photographs of a Tootsie-Toy "Dakota" cap gun, a popular type of toy gun that was made from the s to the s and is not based on any particular real-world firearm.

Doom 64 introduced new sprites for the shotgun, seemingly based on an entirely different gun. However, the exact model, if it is indeed based on anything specific, isn't very clear from the sprites themselves.

Unfortunately, due to spacial limitations with the Nintendo 64's game cartridges, the shotgun does not feature a pump animation, leaving the player with no profile view of the weapon. The pickup sprite for the gun, however, still seems to resemble the "Dakota" cap gun. The only new weapon to appear in Doom II was the "Super Shotgun," a sawed-off break open 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun that proved to be extremely popular in multiplayer circles.

The weapon has since appeared in every Doom title since, save for Doom 3which didn't introduce the weapon until its expansion pack Resurrection of Evil. The gun always fires both barrels at the same time and is instantly reloaded upon doing so, making it the only weapon in the classic Doom game to do so up until Hacx introduced a reloading Uzi.

A slightly more detailed looking sawed-off appears in Doom 64although due to a lack of memory space on the game cartridge, the gun's lengthy reload animation was cut. However, it still makes the necessary sounds. Doom Guy is holding a futuristic SMG on some official artworks, but it, however, does not appear in the game itself. Perhaps this is the "remnant of influence" of the early Alpha versions, where the SMG albeit of a more "usual" appearance was originally used instead of the chaingun.

Found in Doom 's second level, the "Chaingun" actually a minigun is a machine gun weapon that's useful for ventilating low level foes quickly. The graphics are photographed from a cap-firing toy minigun, a Tootsie-Toy "Ol' Painless," which appears to be partly inspired by the hand held M Minigun. Interestingly, the in-game pickup sprite ditches the real world inspiration of the toy for what appears to be a box fed minigun that appears as if it's supposed to be held like a conventional rifle.

Interestingly, the Heavy Weapon Dude enemies in Doom II actually hold the gun with one hand while using their other arm to feed a cartridge belt that itself comes from a backpack the zombie soldier wears.

As the name implies, a powerful weapon that is effective over long distances, but deadly for the user himself at close quarters unless you use invulnerability. Zombiemen and the world graphics of the protagonist character Referred to as Our Hero in Doom IIand more colloquially known as Doom Guy by fans both carry a rather generic looking rifle that looks to be something of a cross between an M16 and a USAS shotgun.By perkristianMay 3, in Doom Editing.

Using the original Doom sprites is the only option for me, however the sprites have limited number of frames so I thought I'd try to make them more smooth. The Pistol already has unused frames, but I mirrored them so the Doomguy use the left hand for punching and the right for shooting - not unlike Clint Eastwood in the first scenes in "For a Few Dollars More".

I've also added a new firing sound.

doom weapon sprites

The Shotgun has a lot more frames now and the reload sequence looks more smooth. I reversed the muzzle flash frame order on both shotguns as it looks more natural. The Super shotgun was quite a bit of work, it's a complicated animation. One thing missing with the original sequence is the hand releasing the shells in the breech so I wanted to add that. Finally one can see which direction the Chaingun barrels spin! This has bugged me ever since I first played Doom.

The Chaingun fires one shot for each 4 frames, so it's possible to fire single shots with it - this may interfere a little with the gameplay, but solves the issue about two shots being fired when there's one left. It was fun doing some old pixel-by-pixel painting again! It's adorable! The hands and weapons look almost 3D.

I'm gonna have to get used to that pistol, though. I was trying to make it appear the gun is thrown a little towards the left due to the momentum it has when it's being closed. I'll just skip that frame as it was doing more harm than good. Awesome man. Is there any chance that this smoothed sprites could work on Skulltag for instance? For any ZDoom based port would be nice I'd be all over that like flies to shit just for those smoothed animations.

Finally glad a purist is taking on this though and not sacrificing the familiar sounds and sights for something Cstrike-like. Which would, obviously, be a pretty big issue for compatibility with Doom2 and pretty much any level set. It should be possible to translate this over to another port I'd guess, although I am not that familiar with other ports.

I'll definitely take a shot at it in DeHackEd.While making a custom weapon in ZDoom is a bit tricky, this guide should help you get on your way. Note: This tutorial uses custom sprites, which are not provided. You should provide sprites with these names or adapt the code to use standard sprite names if you want to actually test this code in ZDoom.

Now that big chunk of code describes the functions and states of a shotgun. Let's analyse this code. Note: In order to make a weapon, the actor always has to inherit from Weapon or another actor that does inherit from Weaponsuch as SuperShotgun.

All the information pertaining to this actor must be within these brackets. Next there are various weapon properties, such as the ammo type the weapon uses, and how much it uses with each shot. There are other properties you can set here, but they are not all required for every weapon. This weapon inherits all of its missing properties from the original shotgun. Like the pickup message, if we wanted to define a custom pickup message, then we could put in a line of code that looks like this.

Also, notice how this did not define an ammo type. Since this weapon was meant to use the same shells as the other shotguns, inheriting makes it a somewhat shorter process by taking out the unneeded pieces of code that need to be written. Read all about these various properties you can set for weapons on the Weapon and Inventory pages. The next chunk in the code defines the Actor states of the weapon.

These tell ZDoom what is going on and what to do at certain frames. This removes the previous limitations of DeHacked or Whacked where you couldn't add in more frames, but could only replace the current ones. With this method, you are able to make brand new sequences, to brand new weapons. Spawn is the state the weapon will be in when it is spawned as a pickup.

This state definition is very simple. This state will be entered when the weapon has been selected.A weapon is used by the player to attack opponents. It is displayed onscreen as part of the body of the player character to simulate a first person perspective. In Doom it is the main aspect of the game action. Each appears in the form of an item that, when picked up, provides the player with an additional weapon with which to attack opponents, as well as a bit of ammo for the corresponding weapon.

Normally weapons are either placed in levels by the designers or dropped by dying opponents such as zombies in the Doom games.

Once a weapon is picked up during a game any additional weapons of the same type will count only as ammunition. Each weapon has advantages and disadvantages when used against a given monster.

doom weapon sprites

Broadly speaking, however, the larger weapons do more damage but are harder to find and harder to keep stocked with ammunition. In each game, one or two weak weapons require no ammo and are therefore always available. No matter which weapon a player is wielding, his sprite in multiplayer games, or source ports with a "chasecam" mode is perpetually shown to be armed with the same generic assault rifle as the former humans ; a weapon similar to this, although presumably intended to be the chaingunappears on the game's title screen.

Early alpha releases of Doom armed the player with a semi-automatic assault rifleoptionally equipped with a double-bladed bayonet as a melee weapon. The rifle sprites revealed the player character to be wearing elbow pads, which can still be seen on the player character sprite along with the rifle itself. A few other weapons were also included in the alpha versions.

The latter was reintroduced in Doom 64and has an equivalent in Doom Eternal. The chaingun and pistol both use the same ammo bulletsso using either will also affect the other in ammo. The shotgun and super shotgun see below also share their ammo pool shells as do the plasma gun and BFG, which both use cells. Doom RPG includes versions of the pistolshotgunsuper shotgunchaingunrocket launcherplasma gunand BFGas well as two new weapons, the fire axe and fire extinguisher.

All of Doom's weapons are present in some form in Doom 3, with the addition of:. The Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil expansion pack contains all of Doom 3's weapons except the Soul Cube and the Chainsawbut introduces a version of the gravity gun called the Grabberand includes the double barrel shotgun as in Doom II.

It also introduces an artifact somewhat like the Soul Cube.

Category:Doom Eternal weapons

Doom II RPG includes weapons in the vein of Doom 3's and its expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil style of weaponry, along with some that are redesigned or completely new. This includes the chainsawassault riflescoped assault rifle, double barrel shotgunchaingunplasma gunBFGand the Soul Cube.

The game introduces the holy water pistol, sentry bots that either shoot or explode, with green being weaker and red being strongeras well as toilets and sinks which can be picked up and thrown by the player character. The Doom game contains all of the Doom II weapons and numerous additions.

Some of the weapons are multiplayer-only. Doom Eternal contains many weapons that are largely similar to those in Doomalong with two new weapons one of which is similar to the Unmaker from Doom A pistol was implemented into the game, but unobtainable outside of console commands. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. Log in Create account. Page Discussion Edit this page History. From DoomWiki.We use cookies on our website.

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How to create weapon sprites in Doom

Doom Style No matter if you need better shotguns, faster chainguns, stronger plasmaguns, latest bfgs - everything's here. All Doom-kind weapons can be found here.

AA12 Shotgun. Action Machinegun. Ammo Satchels. Angled Pistol. Auto Shotgun. ACS : No. Description Union Aerospace standard issue automatic shotgun. Auto-reloads after every 8 shots fired. Description Chop, splice, and butcher your foes with this axe!

doom weapon sprites

Use the regular fire for a fast slice, and the altfire for a slower but very strong attack. Pressing and holding the altfire key will result in a powerful charged up attack. Bayonet Rifle. BFG Bio Pipebomb Launcher. Black Hole Generator. Butcher Gun. Claymore Mines. Colt Demonic Leech.

Description Oh god, what in the hell is that thing!? It's dug into your arm and won't come off now.By peoplethoughtSeptember 12, in Doom Editing. I'm trying to use custom graphics for weapons. I have a custom weapon that works fine using the default doom weapon graphics. I'm running GZDoom in Opengl. It added these graphics as graphics file, not sprite. Also, they have the sprite icon and type Regardless, when I click the sprite tab they show up in there.

From your description, it is in the WAD correctly and your weapon code seems to work with default graphics, so perhaps there is something unusual about the new graphic itself? What format is it in? Is it unusual in any way? Are you able to upload it anywhere for people to check? I exported the chainsaw graphic from doom2. The graphic is a BMP. It's a problem with weapon, not sprites. Ok, I don't have a problem with that.

How to create weapon sprites in Doom

I think both the fire state having 0 duration and the refire being first might be the problem. However, changing both to the code above avoided the crash.

DOOM (1993 ORIGINAL GAME) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

Whether this code suits your needs or not is another matter, but hopefully it's a starting point. Also, you mentioned texture problems. Ya I wasn't having a problem with it in the editor, it was just kind of annoying that every time I loaded the map it told me the textures were missing. As for the code change, that doesn't make any sense to me because it worked fine with one graphic but not with another. I can't see how a duration would care which graphic I was using.

I'm sorry but I thought I understood Decorate but apparently not. I see what you mean by the duration now. I had the numbers mixed up. BTW, the refire does go first because this weapon is charged into the ammo by holding down fire, then fires when fire is released.

Now I'm trying to use true color sprites for my weapons in GZDoom. The transparency doesn't work when I try to use the hi res version of my image.

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